Friday, September 28, 2007

让生命的改变从这里开始 Let Life Changed From Here!

2007 年的圣诞节就快来临,我们邀请您在这个圣诞送出有意义的礼物,让您的礼物成为改变他人生命的祝福。

2007 Christmas is coming soon, in this Christmas, we wish to invite you to kindly sponsor a meaningful Christmas present that will transform another person’s life! This is the best wish you can give on this special day.

您的礼物可以改变我们的生命 Your Gifts Can Change Our Lives!


In this Christmas, the one wish that our disabled friends prayed for is to receive a gift of kindness that will transform their life! This gift could be a suitable wheelchair, a specially modified motorcycle, hearing aid, a computer, etc. These gifts can provide a source of income to feed their families, help improve their life condition and create the opportunity for them to lead an independent life and above all, it helps them recover their loss self-esteem and willpower to live.

捐赠礼物的简单步骤Simple Steps To Give

您可以按照个人的能力与感动,或者集合多人的力量,透过美门残障关怀基金会,送出一件您和您的家人或朋友想要送出的礼物。简单步骤如下: 1、联络美门残障关怀基金会的潘银珠小姐,根据以下目录选择一份您要送出的礼物,填妥表格及寄上支票。(No.29, Jalan SS2/59, 47300 P.J., Selangor, Malaysia。Tel: 03-78736579,78758609, email: 2、我们将安排适合的残障同胞成为礼物的受惠者。3、我们将寄上免税收据及邀请卡以邀请您出席礼物捐赠典礼。4、带您的家人或朋友出席将于2007年12月1日下午1点假The Summit Shopping Complex, Subang USJ 举办的礼物捐赠典礼以亲手将您的祝福交在受惠的残障者手上。

No contribution is too small. You can contribute any amount as far as your limit allows, or you can also encourage others to contribute and come up with a bigger sum. Through the Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled, you can donate the Christmas gift of your choice.
All you need to do is follow the simple steps listed below: Contact Ivy Pua of Beautiful Gate Foundation, select the gift you would like to give from the catalogue below, fill up the form and send together with a cheque.(No.29, Jalan SS2/59, 47300 P.J., Selangor, Malaysia. Tel: 03-78736579,78758609, email: Beautiful Gate Foundation will choose the most suitable disabled friend to be the beneficiary of that gift. We will then send you the receipt for tax exemption and also an invitation card to attend the gift-giving ceremony. Bring along your family and/or friends to the gift presentation ceremony, which will be held on December 2, 2007, at 1.00pm, at The Summit Shopping Complex, Subang USJ, to present the gift of love to the chosen disabled friend with your own hands.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

可拆式轻型轮椅 Detachable Light Weight Wheelchair


价格:每部RM 1,200

Disabled friends living in poverty have only basic wheelchair and some of them are even WITHOUT one! They depend heavily on others to carry out simple daily activities. As a result of mobility restriction, many of them lose the opportunity to attend school, seek employment and make friends. A detachable wheelchair will allow them to take care of their daily activities independently without troubling others therefore giving them a chance to step out of their house into the society, this will also lessen the burden on their family members. Your act of kindness gives them the opportunity to go into school, gain employment, and most importantly, give them hope for the future….

Price per unit: RM1,200

三轮电单车 Three Wheeled Motorcycle


价格:每辆RM 5,880

The numerous traffic and industrial accidents have created many middle-aged disabled persons, causing them to lose their ability to work, and cutting off the main course of income for their families. With a three-wheeled motorcycle, not only does it allow the disabled parents to run small businesses and fulfill their role as the main provider of the family, your gift will also allows them to continue contributing to the society regardless of their disabilities.

Price per unit: RM5,880

电动轮椅 Motorised Wheelchair


价格:每辆RM 8,800

The most upsetting fact for those with severe physical disability but mentally healthy children is that they cannot even operate a basic wheelchair. The thought of always having to fully depend on the help of others is the main cause towards their loss of determination to live. A motorised chair only requires one finger to operate, this is at least still within their ability. Your gift will open a whole new future path for them to live independently.

Price per unit: RM8,800

护臀坐垫 Medical Cushion


价格:每部 RM 1,800

Spinal injury paralyses the lower body. As a result, these disabled friends suffer from bowel malfunction and easily develop pressure sore that force them to be in bed for an extensive period of time. With a specially designed medical cushion , it protects their vulnerable hips from further injury and infection, thus allowing them to lead a normal life instead spending the rest of their lives in bed.

Price per unit: RM1,800